Thursday, October 8

Awards and obsessions

Hello hello,
I got 2 awards from Skye and I think It's time to show off now, ha ha. :)
Since I don't write or check other blogs regularly I assume I have exactly two and a half followers who read my posts. And I am happy that at least 2/5 of my readers like my blog! :D

So... 5 things I'm obsessed about:

1) The first one would definitely be my laptop and my mobile phone. That's a bad one but still. :P I have to check my Facebook and my Gmail and my blog and our university webpage for any news and my Google Reader for any news and then all over again. As if I would miss something really reeeeallly important if I didn't check everything all the time. :) On the other hand.. no one waits for my answer for a long time. :)

2) Definitely food. I love food. I enjoy food. A lot. I really like to plan eating something delicious, for example, I am having artichoke - rocket bruschetta for dinner and for Sunday we're planning roast lamb and sauté potatoes. Mmmmm! :) Can't wait. I love the flavor and the good feeling I get after a good meal. :) I take Nigella as my role model. :P

3) Baking & making pastry! One of my favorite hobbies. It's fun, it's delicious, it's a result of your work, it can be creative, it makes me happy, it makes other people happy and that makes me happier! I love to see those happy expressions on other people's faces when they enjoy eating my toffee pudding, for example. And I made chocolate chip muffins for Brooke and Acacia when they arrived to the train station late in the evening. One of them said that was the first thing that reminded her of home since she had come to study to Florence. Of course I was happy to make them again - double amount. ;)

4) Sour cream on my pizza! Sounds weird? Does anyone else have sour cream on a pizza? A pizza without sour cream is weird. :P I love the fresh taste of it, although it's probably very fatty. I don't care. It's so delicious. :) "Let's order a pizza!" "Yeah, let's do it ..." "Is there any sour cream in the fridge?" "No." "Ahh.. please order mine with some" :P I just had it yesterday for lunch. ;)

5) Doing everything fast. I hurry too much. I walk fast, I get cranky if I know I won't have enough time to do everything I want. Sometimes I get cranky already in the morning and that crankiness prevents me from doing anything at all, I'm just nervous about it. :D One of my "hurry" things is hurrying home at the end of "school-week". I pack everything the evening before and the minute I finish my classes I rush to the train station but these trains are so slow! It's so nice to go home I never get home quick enough. :))

Well, these are my weird obsessions... but who should I give these awards to? Hmm.. Well I guess I'll take some time and think about it, just like Skye did. :) Do I even know 5 people who blog? Hmm... :)) I'll let you know. ;)