Friday, October 16

Weird Things are Going on ...

It was Thursday yesterday and as every Thursday I packed my things into my little suitcase and went home. This time I decided to go on foot. Why not, there's only 220 kilometers between my home and my campus.

Ok then. I was walking home but didn't really know where to go. I was roaming around with my suitcase and didn't come anywhere. It started to feel weird. I stopped by the river and sat down. There was also a couple sitting on a small brick wall and pointing at something. There was a huge snake swimming in the river. I think it was albino boa. Really huge! I was watching it with an interest and suddenly ... it swam to the river bank right towards me, stopped infront of me and looked me right into my eyes. And then all became black.

Next thing I remember is me, lying in the bed. It must have already been late in the morning, because people were walking around and I heard them talking. My boyfriend's mother decided to let their dog, Foxy into my room. She comes often for an extra nap in the morning. I felt her jumping on the bed and snuggle by my legs. I was still sleepy, covered by a pile of blankets and feeling warm. I stretched out my hand to stroke Foxy but I soon found out it was not her. Some weird agressive animal grabbed my hand and started snarling. This big white animal turned into a weird huge white monster that wouldn't let my hand go! I started screaming and wagging my arms around me, it was terrible!

Suddenly I woke up. It was warm, Foxy was scratching the door and wanted me to let her in. I remembered an article which said that you only dream when you get enough sleep. I definitely slept for too long that night. :P